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Owner - Auction Company

Phil Riner Auctions, LLC is a local auction company in Winter Haven, Florida, that is dedicated to helping sellers across the state realize profits on the goods they are selling. Phil is a "Seller's Auctioneer" who is known for exceptional diligence in producing the high returns that his clients expect. He is a Christian businessman, active in his church, with a reputation for integrity and fairness in his work. Due to his love of singing, Phil's clear, concise auction chant was easily developed. While in auction school, he appeared on TV in a special news report about auctions.

Notable Auctions

Our auction events have included the estates of:

• Richard Caward—20-Year Private Chef to Billionaire Malcom Forbes
• Dorothy DeClue Wylie—1930s-'40s Actress & Stage Performer
• Moving Estate of Faith Whittlesey—Two-Time U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland
• Maurice Taylor—White House Senior Staff Member, Piper Aircraft Expert, & Worldwide Advisor
• John Miller & Wife Ellie—Multi-Millionaire Advertising Executive & Philanthropist 
• Approximately 2,000 Other Sales

Events & Charities

Phil is often a guest auctioneer for charitable and civic fundraising events and a guest speaker for a variety of occasions. His love of teaching resulted in his creating and teaching a cruise "Seminar At Sea" titled "Auctions and the Resale Market." Four seminar participants became auctioneers and another opened an antiques and collectibles store.

Colonel Riner also liquidates restaurants, commercial production facilities, antique stores, retail and manufacturing businesses, and livestock. Auctions too numerous to recount have generated thousands of satisfied clients.

Historic Sales

When Phil Riner personally discovered a handwritten letter of George Washington's in a Lakeland, Florida estate, he received worldwide media attention for the auction and grossed eight times the highest offer previously tendered for the estate contents. An estate auction in Lake Wales, Florida, surprised the estate trust officers when it produced a sale for $50,000 more than the appraised value of the home. Afterwards, Phil was asked to write an article for their state banking and trust magazine.

Personal Life

April 2014 marked the 32nd wedding anniversary of Phil and his wife, Debbie. They have three sons: Chase, Colby, and Carson. Carson is in high school and participates in the family owned auction business while Colby and Chase attend the University of Central Florida. They will graduate in 2015 with degrees in Criminal Justice. During 2014, professional auctioneer Colonel Phil Riner celebrated more than 35 years as an estate and business auctioneer, appraiser, liquidator, and food broker.


Phil is a national representative and team leader for NBBI, distributor of Free Prescription Discount Cards through the Community Assistance Program. He takes pride in this free service, which since 2009 has saved more than $500 million for users of the free Rx discount cards, including users who have insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, or no coverage at all. He was presented a Rising Star Award at NBBI's National Leader's Conference in 2013 and is a guest speaker at the 2014 National Conference.

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